15 May 2017

Oxford Handbooks

Harper's Bazaar Arabia Commission, 2014.
A chapter is coming out on sound in the new Oxford Handbook on Sound Art.

Aside from that several biennial review articles are due and a paper for Bristol University's Animal Utterance conference with Bristol Museum and Art Gallery 24th and 24th May. I'll be presenting on findings made when recording endangered Arabian wildlife in the desert and mountains the summer heat for a series of permanent sound installations at a wildlife centre in Sharjah.

A few of my sounds from Documenta, Athens are due are mix for several online stations (Italy and Greece) but here's what they sounded like on one of the Resonance104.4FM broadcasts.

Wish I could say "Going offline til June..." but sadly social media is the dopamine-inducing opiate of our times, as I work alone mostly, it serves as a break from the intensity of linear work.  

A bientot!